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Shrines: Power, Desire, Fetish, Obsession

Event Details

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
6-8 p.m.
Gallery 1308, Union South
Please stop by and check out Mark Nelson, Elk Norsman, and Kramo's exhibition -- Shrines: Power, Desire, Fetish, Obsession. His work will be featured in Gallery 1308 in Union South. According to the artists, A shrine lies at the nexus of the past and the future, triggering memories while at the same time channeling aspirations. Shrines bring people together while at the same time supporting introspection This show creates a context for all of these activities, incorporating a series of shrines that reference pop art, Celtic patterns, blackwork tattoos, fetish culture, street art, Byzantine paintings, and Gothic pilgrimage shrines.The ideas expressed in the show are ones that artists find compelling. Right on the surface, the idea of a shrine is about how one has the power to design a space that can elevate mundane objects (such as bones or entrails or cloth) to an otherworldly status. The figures appear to float in a space that is slightly beyond emotion, contemplating a world beyond our own, like inverted Byzantine figures that exist outside of time. Exploring the ideas of power, desire, fetish, and obsession through an installation has multiple levels of engagement. Don't miss out on this great exhibition!