JVN Day 5th Annual Hip Hop Festival: The Reverb

The Kickback Concert

Sunday, September 10, 2017
7-11 p.m.
Terrace Stage, Memorial Union
In collaboration with WUD Music, The Kickback is the final and biggest event of the 2017 JVN Day Hip Hop Festival. The illist up and coming performers from the Madison area will be sharing the Terrace stage. You will see acts from artists such as Lucien Parker, Ru, Myriha Burton, Jonnychang, DJ *Hitmayng, and many more. We are also proud to announce our amazing feature of the night…CRASHprez! This event is hosted by The JVN Project, an organization that uses hip hop as a tool of empowerment.
832-762-9594, jvnp.development@gmail.com