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Jones Leadership Center Mini-Conference: ASPIRE

Event Details

Sunday, November 12, 2017
12-4 p.m.
Check TITU, Memorial Union
Understand how values, goals, identity and emotions influence leadership practices.   The conference includes four independent programs revolving around authenticity and the idea of ASPIRE: Program 1: What is Authentic Leadership? The authentic leadership model will be used to assess participants leadership skills so that they can develop and maintain positive transformative relationships.  Program 2: What Makes you Tick? Identify core values and learn how values drive decision making and behavior. Participants will learn how to use these skills to ensure they behave in accordance with their values and act in an authentic way among peers and groups  Program 3: How to Be your Best Self. Recognize how different elements that shape social identities can affect perceptions and relationships so as to maximize personal effectiveness when working with others. Program 4: Self Awareness when in Groups. Learn to evaluate and incorporate feedback regarding behavior in groups so as to grow as individuals and become more effective leaders.  Register for the event here! This event is FREE for all UW-Madison Students (FREE food will be provided!).