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Pat Metheny

Wisconsin Union Theater

Event Details

Sunday, October 14, 2018
8 p.m.
Shannon Hall, Memorial Union
An Evening With Pat Metheny Since bursting onto the international jazz scene in 1974, jazz guitarist Pat Metheny has been widely acclaimed for his distinct guitar style that blends the flexible articulation of horn players and advanced rhythmic sensibility, paving his own improvisational style deeply rooted in the jazz tradition of melody, swing and the blues. The result is smooth, refined and emotionally evocative. Earning a multitude of accolades throughout the past 40 years, including 20 Grammy Awards and an induction to the Downbeat Hall of Fame, Metheny continually reinvents his repertoire and compositions to maintain a fresh sound. He is known as a pioneer of electronic music, having been one of the first to use a synthesizer as a serious musical instrument. What can you expect from An Evening With Pat Metheny ? Metheny says, “It could really be anything and everything. I have already written a bunch of new music inspired just by the thought of this presentation, but I could also imagine playing only old music one night, or even playing entire albums. I like the idea of keeping it open and letting it become whatever it winds up being over the course of a tour.” Joining Metheny on stage are Antonio Sanchez (drums/percussion), Linda May Han Oh (bass) and Gwilym Simcock (piano). Each are widely acclaimed musicians in their own right, reflecting Metheny’s affinity for bringing together powerhouse musicians and creating unforgettable collaborations. Learn more about Pat Metheny on his website .