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A Data Mesh for the Next Generation of Apps and Platforms

Steve Vranyes, Sr. Distinguished Engineer at Medtronic

Event Details

Thursday, October 22, 2020
4-5 p.m.

The power of data to solve problems is immense. The past several years have brought to software a variety of powerful tools for building the next generation of apps and platforms that do more with data than has been previously possible. A large variety of NOSQL databases for storing and retrieving data and tools for flexibly distributing data at scale are at the heart of this. The disruptive power of AI/ML further drives the need for a strong data foundation. This talk presents the opportunities for greater agility in data that these technologies enable when brought together and combined with other modern practices and technologies such as microservices and AI/ML. It covers some of the patterns and practices that make it possible and presents the problems that are yet to be solved


Steve is a Sr. Distinguished Engineer at Medtronic, leading architecture and technology for the medical device IoT ecosystem of CHRF Software Solutions. Prior to Medtronic, he was the Veritas CTO, leading technical strategy, architecture, research, and innovation. In this role, he was a primary author of the Veritas vision for information management that was key in the $7.4B carve out of Veritas from Symantec. Prior to CTO he was the Veritas Chief Architect and led Veritas Research Labs which incubated multiple products that were then launched to the market. He has built teams from the ground up and delivered numerous disruptive technologies with strong patent portfolios. He is a technical advisor to multiple organizations and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.