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Rick Steves

Wisconsin Union Theater

Event Details

Thursday, November 15, 2018
6:30 p.m.
Shannon Hall, Memorial Union
Guidebook author, travel television host, newspaper columnist and overall European travel expert Rick Steves has lived out of a suitcase for over 30 years. Considering himself “a citizen of this planet”, Steves’ countless experiences discovering unknown places and sharing them with others have redefined his opinions of travel and community. In Travel as a Political Act, Steves explains how his travels have broadened his perspectives and opinions on drug policy reform, the role of government and America’s place in relation to the rest of the world. Through anecdotes and satirical humor, Steves sheds light on his reality of American travel in relation to politics. More information about Rick Steves can be found on his website .  International Education Week: November 12-17 Join faculty, staff and students across campus for a series of special events, lectures, fairs, and opportunities for food, learning and fun! IEW celebrates the programs, activities, research and people that make UW-Madison one of the top universities in the world. Learn more