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The Flop House

Wisconsin Union Theater

Event Details

Saturday, January 26, 2019
8 p.m.
Shannon Hall, Memorial Union
“Floppers” Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington are friends who love to watch commercial movie “flops”– bad movies – and discuss them, entertaining listeners with their casual banter and humorous commentary. The popular podcast throws away filters or formalities and reflects conversations you might have with your friends, but inflated with extra laughs and surprising insights. Dotted with self-deprecating humor and brutally honest critiques, the weird (yet relatable) hilarity is infectious. The Flop House’s hosts boast accomplished careers in writing and comedy. Producer and co-host McCoy is a writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah , and a multiple Emmy Award-winning writer for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart . Similarly, Kalan is a four-time Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian, most recently employed as the former head writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart . The two paired up with their “equally funny” ( The Onion A.V. Club ) friend Wellington to complete the trio. A pick of Entertainment Weekly ’s “Must List”, Flop House is a “must” for movie enthusiasts. For their upcoming Union performance, the floppers will be taking on 2018's Marvel mishap,  Venom . More information about Flop House can be found on their website .