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Lakeshore Nature Preserve building informational meeting #2

Date TBD at Union South (check Today in the Union)

Event Details

Thursday, December 1, 2022
7 p.m.

The university is conducting an Advanced Planning Study with the overall goal of determining the scope, budget, and schedule of a new building at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. The building is envisioned to house the Preserve staff offices and maintenance shop, multi-purpose space for support of the teaching, research and outreach mission of the University, restrooms and space for interpretive displays.

To develop a building and site that best serves the University, Lakeshore Nature Preserve and community, stakeholder input collected during the Strategic Plan and the Preserve Master Plan Update will be reviewed and considered with public engagement specific to this process.

This is the second of two public sessions that are planned to be in-person and will include the opportunity for sharing comments to the email (Find the location of the meeting at Union South on Today in the Union or on displays within the building.)

Among the goals articulated by the Project Delivery department of the Division of Facilities Planning & Management are these:

  • Respect the full cultural history of this place.
  • Inspire interest in sustainable buildings.
  • Facilitate learning opportunities for students, facilities staff, and community.
  • Provide hands on experience and understanding of natural areas and their management.
  • Nurture a positive connection between people and the earth.