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Introductory Course: Backpacking on a Budget

Event Details

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
5 p.m.
Mendota Lodge, Lower Level, Memorial Union
Backpacking on a budget Have you ever been interested in learning about what backpacking is all about? Have you ever wondered why is it popular, how do people get into it, where do they go, what do they need, is it possible to backpack and still be comfortable out there? Come to this class and get these questions answered so you can get ready for your first backpacking trip of the season. Upon completion of this class, participants will: Learn about what backpacking is and why it is a popular outdoor activity 
Learn about the gear and supplies needed to backpack effectively and comfortably while also creatively thinking of substitutions they have that can be used in place of high-end/expensive gear.
Learn how to effectively pack a backpack 
Learn about local areas that will be good spots for your first backpacking trip and what time of year is the best to visit these location 
Get hands on practice with packing a backpack