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Ignite: Fueling Organizational Excellence

Exploring the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Performance Initiatives

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Thursday, February 29, 2024
10-11 a.m.
Online, connection information will be sent in advance

Ignite: Fueling Organizational Excellence features interactive workshops that focus on the tools and resources faculty and staff need to promote and sustain organizational excellence at UW–Madison.

In these hour-long sessions, experts share ideas, methods, and approaches to help participants build skills to support continuous improvement and increase organizational effectiveness. Participants leave with stronger cross-campus networks, new strategies on how to improve their work, and the inspiration to implement their ideas.

The series is a mix of virtual and in-person workshops. You can register for the entire series or select individual sessions.

Exploring the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Performance Initiatives
Presented by Kate Kingery, director of consulting, Office of Strategic Consulting

Content level: introductory

While the term “organizational culture” is used often, its true meaning is not broadly understood—and can be tough to define. However, organizational culture is one of the key elements of a high-performing organization, so understanding it is critical to an organization’s success. This session will introduce you to the language and frameworks for understanding what is meant by organizational culture, why organizational culture can be hard to identify, and the difference between organizational climate and culture. It will focus on how organizational culture affects organizational performance and employee satisfaction. And it will illustrate different types of organizational cultures and provide actionable steps you can take to both identify and influence the culture within your organization or team.