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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Research Day

Learn about GCP services and how UW researchers use them.

Event Details

Thursday, March 7, 2024
All day
(check Today in the Union calendar), Union South
Also offered online

Google Cloud provides access to cutting-edge machine learning and AI tools, making it easy to apply advanced techniques for deeper insights and accelerated discovery. Researchers are using Google Cloud to predict sepsis in intensive care patients, analyze medical images faster and more easily, and advance research in climate change.

At the GCP Research Day, there will be presentations from Google about accelerating your research and AI in bioinformatics. UW researchers will present their work on using LLM in the GCP environment. UW-Madison will provide details about how these and similar tools are used and how you can get started using them. You will also learn about two UW-Madison initiatives designed to help reduce the cost of cloud computing: the NIH STRIDES program for biomedical researchers and the UW-Madison F&A pilot reduction for cloud computing costs.

Register to attend in-person or via Zoom. Lunch provided for in-person attendees.