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COVID-19 Notice

Anyone attending an indoor, in-person event must comply with the chancellor’s order on wearing masks while indoors in campus buildings or facilities, regardless of vaccination status.

Center for South Asia Weekly Lecture Series: J. Mark Kenoyer (Professor, Anthropology, UW-Madison)

New Perspectives on the study of the Indus Script: Origins, Character, Linkages and Decline

Event Details

Thursday, March 5, 2020
12-1 p.m.
This talk will cover the most recent discoveries relating to the Indus script, which was developed in the Indus Civilization of what is now Pakistan and Western India. This script is still undeciphered, but new approaches to the study of the contexts and ways in which the writing is used have provided important new insights into the potential meaning of some signs and also how the script functioned in the cities of the Indus River Valley and adjacent regions.