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Windows Cache Manager and Overview of Windows IO Model

Atul Talesara (Microsoft)

Event Details

Monday, November 14, 2022
4 p.m.

This talk will provide an overview of the Windows IO Model, showing the high-level interactions between the Filesystem, Memory Manager and the Cache Manager with a deep dive into the Cache Manager (aka Cc for short). In this talk, we will cover:

    - What is a Filesystem Cache

    - Interaction between Filesystem and the Cache Manager

    - Interaction between Cache Manager and the Memory Manager

    - Types of Reads: Non-Cached, Cached and Paging

    - Deep-Dive: Tracing path of a Cached Read

    - Deep-Dive: Tracing path of a Cached Write

    - Background Writing-back of the Dirty Cache

    - Throttling Cached Writes to limit memory usage

    - Limitations of the current design

    - Cache Manager Improvements

Bio: Atul is a Principal Development Engineer in Microsoft's Core OS group focusing on filesystems. He graduated from CMU with MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has been the owner of the Windows Cache Manager for a little over a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Atul worked at a few start-ups in the storage and networking domain.