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WUD Music Presents: Crash Adams

Event Details

Friday, March 24, 2023
7 p.m.
The Sett, Union South
Crash Adams’ pop songs carry the same kind of mood-boosting power as a hit of pure dopamine. After years of developing their magnetic personalities on social media, the Toronto-bred duo brought their energy to the world with the video for their nostalgic breakthrough single “Give Me a Kiss.” The duo has organically built an online fan base and found their niche with videos highlighting their positive attitude, vibrant suits and iconic red couch from Crash’s grandmother’s house. From the memorable, melodic March 2020 single “Caroline” to the October 2022 romantic bop “Destination,” Crash Adams has generated 1.2 billion views and 43 million audio streams across platforms. For the duo, the success has been a sign that they’re on the right track—that everything they dreamed of is within reach. Not that they ever had any doubts.