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COVID-19 Notice

Anyone attending an indoor, in-person event must comply with the chancellor’s order on wearing masks while indoors in campus buildings or facilities, regardless of vaccination status.

La Cineteca Italiana Presents

ll giovane favoloso (Mario Martone, 2014)

Event Details

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
7-10 p.m.
Room TBD--Please contact for updates
Hailed as the finest Italian writer since Dante, Leopardi viewed nature as all-conquering, all-consuming and geared towards disaster-at least for the human beings that it holds in its grasp. Mario Martone’s handsome period biopic paints the poet as an intense and sickly youth, given to prostrating himself on riverbanks and peering so closely at books that you fear he might lick them. Leopardi is pulled by agony in one direction and ecstasy in the other. Sooner or later he is sure to break down.