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Distinguished Lecture - 15 years of fighting software bugs

Professor Shan Lu (University of Chicago)

Event Details

Monday, October 24, 2022
4-5 p.m.


Abstract: Bugs severely threaten the correctness and efficiency of software. With software growing its diversity and complexity, software bugs also evolve, imposing different challenges over the years.

After 5 happy years at the beautiful Madison fighting software bugs, the speaker has moved to the windy Chicago to ... continue to fight software bugs. This talk discusses the experience of finding thousands of correctness and efficiency bugs in distributed systems, database-backed web applications, smart device automation programs, and machine learning applications, using a combination of program analysis, model checking, machine learning, and control theory techniques.

Bio:  Shan Lu is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Before joining U. Chicago, Shan had the honor to be the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research focuses on software reliability and efficiency.

Shan is an ACM Distinguished Member (2019 class) and an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (2014). Her co-authored papers have won Most Influential Paper Award at ASPLOS (2022); Best Paper Awards at SOSP (2019), OSDI (2022 & 2016), FAST (2013); Distinguished Paper Awards at ICSE (2019 & 2015) and FSE (2014); an CHI Honorable Mention Award (2021); an SIGPLAN Research Highlight Award at PLDI (2011); and an IEEE Micro Top Picks in ASPLOS (2006). Shan currently serves as the Chair of ACM-SIGOPS.