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Johnny Chimes

Event Details

Saturday, May 18, 2024
7 p.m.
Terrace, Memorial Union
Johnny Chimes is a jambalaya of rolling Southern blues and boogie-woogie piano, finger-style country guitar picking and sweet soul-singing. At heart, Chimes is a songwriter—seamlessly weaving his original compositions into a set along with his own unmistakable “cover” versions of blues, country and New Orleans R&B favorites The melodies he writes reach across musical genres. The lyrics speak to the sadness and beauty and sometimes, even humor, of where he’s been. He's got the retro cool vibe which not only makes the whiskey taste better, but also makes your troubles seem like one good blues song away from vanishing into the night.  He is often joined by Al Falaschi on Drums, Lacouir Yancey on Bass, and Mel Ford on Guitar to create “Johnny Chimes and the Natch'l Blues Band”.