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Son! Live at the Terrace w/ Hiwot Adilow and CRASHprez

Event Details

Thursday, May 4, 2017
9-11 p.m.
The Terrace, Memorial Union
WHEEL HOUSE STUDIOS AND WUD MUSIC PRESENTS:Son! Live at the Terrace w/ Hiwot Adilow and CRASHprez  Son!: Son! is a project from rapper and singer Daniel Kaplan (formerly Lord of the Fly). This performance is the culmination of Kaplan’s work as the 2016/17 Wheelhouse Studios Artist Residency, exploring themes of prayer and invisibility. Combining jazz harmony with fast-paced arrangements and high energy performance, Son! is sure to make you feel weird in a good way. THIS IS LIKE BASICALLY SON! DEBUT SHOW SO COME BE A PART OF HISTORY!!!!!  Hiwot Adilow:  "Time-transcendant" "Classic" "#relatable" "just lovely." Highly acclaimed critics have called Hiwot's music this and so much more.  CRASHprez: CRASHprez was born from lonely musings in a suburban basement in Prince George’s County. The “CRASH” originates from a poetry event in Baltimore in the summer of 2010, where he almost passed out from dehydration and the homies clowned him for it. The “prez” comes from a nickname in Kettering Elementary, where the school nurse told him he could be president one day. Rooted in the traditions of protest music, remix culture, and digital DIY, CRASHprez is a rap project exploring the intersectional triumphs and turmoil of one Black man coming-of-age in the United States.