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Inti-Illimani - 50th Anniversary Tour!

Wisconsin Union Theater

Event Details

Sunday, October 22, 2017
8 p.m.
Shannon Hall, Memorial Union
Inti-Illimani is the modern face of the Chilean N ueva Canción movement, a modern world music genre that celebrates a renewal of Latin American folk music in response to the  dominance of American and European influence in Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s. After over forty albums, the group is celebrating fifty years of exploring human rights, imperialism, democracy and the Latin American identity through traditional Chilean folk music with an edgy twist. Inti-Illimani was formed by students at Universidad Técnica del Estado at Santiago, Chile in 1967 and became popular in Chile for their song "Venceremos (We shall win!)" which became the anthem of the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende . In 1973 as they were on tour abroad, General Augusto Pinochet launched a coup d'etat and took power. Having heard of the numerous extra-judicial killings of many fellow artists by Chile's army, they took up residence in Italy, resulting in "the longest tour in history" as they remained in exile while continuing their efforts supporting Chilean democracy. In September 1988, days after they were no longer banned from Chile, they returned and started touring in the country again. They helped organize the voting down of the  referendum that would have re-elected Pinochet. More information about Inti-Illimani can be found on their website .