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Saturday, November 18, 2017
9-11:55 p.m.
Der Rathskeller, Memorial Union
Kathy Yaeji Lee is a New York and Seoul based producer known for her dynamic pop and trap influenced house music. Singing in both Korean and English, "she presents a singing voice that doesn’t have any immediate comparisons. She is equally lackadaisical, but the pure quality of her voice is a true curiosity." "Yaeji sings in a hushed whisper, as if only to herself. It's barely pitched, gently whistling, sliding between English and Korean words in the same verse. You're so close, right there with her – then so far away again. For Yaeji, songs are private moments in public spaces. A friend told me "Feel It Out" reminded her of the first time she went to a dance club – that mix of fear and excitement, the bright flickers of recognition in the deep dark unfamiliar. This is the pep talk we give ourselves. Open up in a new way. Open up on a Monday." This performance follows her brilliant, self titled 2017 EP and several singles that have all been met with critical acclaim. godmodemusic/ yaeji-passionfruit-drake-re work-godmode godmodemusic/sets/ yaeji-yaeji-ep-godmode