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Signature Move (2017)

Event Details

Friday, November 10, 2017
6-7:25 p.m.
The Marquee Cinema, Union South
U.S. | 80 mins | No rating available | DCP | Dir. Jennifer Reeder A new romance with Alma forces Zaynab to confront her relationship with her recently widowed mother who escapes to TV dramas and finding her daughter a husband. In this coming-of-age Muslim melodrama, Zaynab copes by taking up Lucha-style wrestling. (Signature Move Official Website) “It’s a feminist, queer, powerful female story that’s radical because it normalizes everybody and all identities.” And nobody gets hurt. - Lena Singer (Chicago Magazine) The  Hyphenated-Americans Film Festival  will feature 11 films about Americans with intersecting identities informing their unique experiences of being American. The films will highlight that being American is being a hyphenated-American. This film festival is a response to the current political moment and celebrates the diversity vital to the American experience. This festival has films ranging from documentaries and dramas to a comedy special.   This event is intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members and guests.