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The Campus Women's Center Presents, Ball and Chain

Wisconsin Union Theater

Event Details

Friday, November 10, 2017
7-11:10 p.m.
Play Circle Theater, Memorial Union
Ball & Chain is a story that explores the socialization of different forms of blackness and masculinity through the narrative of a boy named Deandre Washington. Deandre is a basketball phenom who is riddled with decisions on his career as a player and a student, and whether true love is more important than what is expected of him. While listening to the different voices that keep telling him where to move, he is forced to find his real team in a sea of spectators. When tragedy strikes, Deandre must endure the age-old question: How do you stay alive or free in a society that doesn’t want you to exist? You learn to play the game.  Playwright,  Tiffany Ike.