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Lords of Trident with Psychostick

Event Details

Saturday, January 27, 2018
9-11:55 p.m.
The Sett, Union South
RSVP on Facebook: Join us for a night of Metal in The Sett with Lords of the Trident and Psychostick on Jan 27! ~About the Bands~ |Lords of Trident| Who are the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT? Hahaha…FOOL! You are not worthy to gaze upon their might! Their metal’s so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to “please turn down”. You think you’re bad? While you’re watching their sweep picking wondering how they bend space-time to fit all the notes in, they’ll punch you right in the face without missing a beat. If you like battle, bloodshed, axes, fire, and losing limbs, then mosh your way to the  front row and receive your free ticket to Valhalla. If you don’t like these things – too bad. They’re playing anyway, and they’ll make sure to steal your girlfriend in the process." Or if you're looking for a tamer bio, this one is from wikipedia:  "Lords of the Trident is an American heavy metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. This five piece band is known for its mixture of classic and modern heavy metal, expansive fantasy backstory, and energetic live shows. The band appears on-stage in armor and costumes. |Psychostick| A comedic metal (self-proclaimed "humorcore") band with a reputation for having hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics, and a high energy performance. The music successfully crosses a level of heaviness and aggression found in bands such as Chimaira, Machine Head, and Hatebreed with the wit and humor of The Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, and Weird Al Yankovic.