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"Threads, Folds, Rabbit Holes" Exhibition by Kristy Deetz

Event Details

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Porter Butts Gallery, Memorial Union
WUD Art is excited to present "Threads, Folds, Rabbit Holes: Complex Webs of Making", an exhibition by Kristy Deetz, located in Porter Butts Gallery at Memorial Union. "Threads, Folds, Rabbit Holes: Complex Webs of Making" is a fascinating exhibition that features a shape-shifting Rabbit. As Deetz states, "this collection mixes acrylic painting, digital patterns printed on silk fabric (with acrylic painting, image transfers, and embroidery), and industrial jacquard weavings made from digital images of paintings to supply hybrid works that good-humoredly deconstruct imagery from pop, outsider, and high culture to create new 'spaces' of meaning. The 'paintings' use humor, visual puns, symbols, art-historical allusions, and cultural collisions to question style and pictorial construction." Please join us for the opening reception of "Threads, Folds, Rabbit Holes" on Friday, February 16th at the Porter Butts Gallery in Memorial Union, 6-8pm! Light refreshments will be served.  "Threads, Folds, Rabbit Holes: Complex Webs of Making" by Kristy Deetz will be showing from February 16th through April 6th, 2018.