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Space Jam (1996)

Event Details

Monday, July 23, 2018
9 p.m.
Terrace, Memorial Union
USA | 88 min | PG | Blu-ray | Dir.  Joe Pytka Bugs Bunny has gotten himself and his Looney Tunes cohorts into a jam by facing off against the Nerdlucks, a grouchy gang of tiny space creatures who land on Earth. The Nerdlucks, dispatched by their boss, the ruthless, belligerent Swackhammer (voice by DANNY DeVITO), intend to kidnap and export the Looney Tunes to Moron Mountain, Swackhammer's failing theme park on the Nerdlucks' boring planet. Bugs has challenged the small, weak aliens to a fateful basketball tournament for their freedom. The aliens quickly take up Bugs' challenge and siphon basketball talent from the likes of NBA stars CHARLES BARKLEY, PATRICK EWING, MUGGSEY BOGUES, LARRY JOHNSON and SHAWN BRADLEY, turning the Nerdlucks into the powerful, speedy, unprincipled and monstrously gifted Monstars! Hungry? We've Got Dinner & A Movie Covered Lakeview Lounge Pizza & Pitcher  starts at 7pm! Enjoy a 1 topping pizza and a pitcher of soda for $13.   Dollar Night at the Brat Stand  starts at 8pm! Enjoy $1 hot dogs, $1 sodas, and $1 chips.    T his event is intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff, Wisconsin Union members and their guests. Anyone can become a  Wisconsin Union member .