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Covid-19 Notice

All campus events are canceled through August 17, with limited exceptions to be granted by deans or vice chancellors. Even if an event is not yet labeled as canceled, it's likely to be canceled, postponed or modified to online only, from now through August 17. Please check with organizers before attending.

Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

"What’s Up with All These Storms and Floods?" by Daniel Wright

Event Details

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
7-8:15 p.m.
We’ll see that some human actions have had clear impacts on floods—urbanization, for example, significantly exacerbates flooding, while dams and reservoirs are able to mitigate these risks to some extent. Advances in weather forecasting have reduced flood-related fatalities, but economic growth has greatly increased the overall economic risks from flooding. We will discuss what we know and don’t know about how these ingredients are changing, and explore implications for the future of flooding.