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Ignite: Fueling Organizational Excellence

Maximizing Your Impact on a Project without Direct Authority

Event Details

Tuesday, May 9, 2023
10-11 a.m.
Online, connection information will be sent in advance

Often, you may find yourself involved in a project where you are working with others from different campus units and/or at different levels of the organization. You are likely on the project because of your expertise in a particular area. So how do you influence those over whom you have no direct authority—and in some cases have a higher level of authority than you— so that your expertise is leveraged to its fullest potential (and offers the maximum benefit to the project)?

In this session, you will learn strategies for effectively navigating team and organizational dynamics in a way that allows you to exert the greatest influence. This will be explored from the point of view of a project manager, but the lessons can be applied more broadly.