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Teaching and Learning Forum

Incorporate inclusion, equity and diversity

Event Details

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
1-2 p.m.

Mattering and belonging is important. “Teaching for equity and justice cannot be contained in a checklist, a single curriculum, or one way of approaching school discipline. Rather, it is a way of being, thinking and doing that centers historically marginalized students and asks educators and students to develop a critical consciousness about the world around them.” ~ From 5 ways to ground your teaching in equity and justice:

Teaching and Learning Forums are participant-driven conversations that increase effective, efficient and equitable teaching and learning. Forums address themes and practices from Learning Science research, and carefully explore, connect and contextualize them within instructors’ experiences. The goal of the forums is to evolve practices and examples that build community and improve learning for educators and students. 

Forums are held Wednesdays, from 1-2pm. View recaps from previous forums. Recaps are posted the week after each live forum.

Teaching and Learning Forums are offered by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring (CLTM). To view additional professional development opportunities, visit: